Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy) with Leeches

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy) with Leeches

Hi everybody we are here for another Leech therapy session.

Leeching therapy - this is my magical set.

What I need first of all are the leeches.

That is the jar I keep my hirudo friends in.

They need a bit of water and air.

The water I change every week.

Now I put another bloodsuckers on my legs.

At this special place two fingers under it is helping for the lower back pain.

Let's see who is gonna be the luckies leech.

This one is trying to absorbe as much as blood is possible.

Once the leech see their fellows are there sucking and feeding themselves he waste no time but bite right next.

I don't want the leech to suck my hand so I use gloves.

Our leech is still trying to find better place.

Some of our leeches are so big.

This leech is much bigger which means he is more experienced.

They are of course medical leeches.

They come from special bio farm in Europe.

When the leech bite the skin it start to release hirudin amn pain killers inside the blood.

This leach released himself.

Now the bleeding will start.

Now I just put this hirudo friend in my other bottle with fat leeches.

You have to keep the hungry ones separately from the fed hirudo verbana liiches.

There is almost no blood at all!

Now I start to massage this little leech.

Reminding him that he is not at vacation.

He have to suck my bad blood.

This leech therapy is very good for detox of the body.

The maximum of leeches you can put at one procedure is 33 leeches.

And you need to wait one week before next leech therapy.

You these guys really sucking now.

I feel some sharp teeths.

You see how he is digesting!

You go now with the bottle with big fat leeches.

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