Leech Therapy with Medical Leeches. Hirudotherapy in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greese, Macedonia

Leech Therapy with Medical Leeches. Hirudotherapy in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greese, Macedonia

We are here for another Hirudotherapy session.

Leech Therapy - here is my magical set.

First of all are the leeches.

This is the jar I keep them in.

I change their water every week.

Now am gonna put another 2 on my leg on this special place 2 feets under.

It is helping for lower back pain.

Let's see who is gonna be the lucky to be fed up.

These guys they are still sucking blood.

I know they are doing some work.

Now I will put another leech.

I dont watn the leech to suck my hand instead.

The other one is still sucking and that is why he became that big.

After another 15 min our fellow will be big 

He is trying to find some better place.

They do not like movement too much so you have to basically lay stady.

Where is the top of the jar?

Some leeches are so big.

I have some helping tools for my Hirudotherapy session.

Working class hero.

Now his other part is stucked here.

This leech is biger which means he is more experienced.

They are of course medical leeches.

They come from special bio farm in Europe.

You can also helping them by gently massaging their bodies.

Yeah now he bite real good.

Because as soon as they bite they increase natural pain killers inside the blood.

As well as things that prevent the blood from becoming thick.

Which is the main thing in orden of them to suck enough quantity.

He is ready.

Now the bleeding will begin.

Not so much.

Especially that I put them on second time , the bleeding is less.

Now I put this leech who is like drunk and does not bite any more.

Could not do any more.

Look at him he is like a drunk.

I just put him in my other small bottle where I keep the fat ones.

Important is to keep the hungry leeches and the fed ones separately, otherwise the hungry ones will eat the fed leaches.

They are gonna kill each other.

Other think I am prepare is the lemon.

When you want the leech let go you just need some drops of the lemon juce on the hand of the leech.

But I do not want to hurt my pets.

There is almost no blood at all.

Meanwhile I am massaging this gut to suck out the bad blood out of me.

Spring cleaning detoxifying of the body.

So the thing that I am not bleeding a ll ot tells that the period is not too big.

I put them at these places of the body like 2 weeks ago.

That is not too much big period.

I can combine places but overal the maximum of leeches you can put in one time recomendedly of course in not more than 10 but I am not so heavy.

I am 70 kilos.

I do this leech therapy each weekend at different places but ohh this guy is really sucking blood.

I can feel these leech teeth.

If there is any movement that means there is still sucking.

He is performing. 

The best scenarium is when leech relise himself.

This one is already drunk.

He has lost his grip on the other end.

He is not sucking any more.

I help gently of his digestion.

We should at no surcumstances pull them away even in the cases they are felt asleep.

Because not only they will leave a scar on the body, but most probably they will throw up back inside us the bad blood that they just sucked up.

Yes he is feeding.

He is deffinitely sucking and transfering some blood further down along his several stomachs.

We do not want them throwing back.

Compare to other placec I put the the leeches on here.

There is more than a effect and less than a dessiese.

I see the bleeding is less.

The colour of the blood is lighter which is also good.

And they bite pretty fast which means the channel from the previous time

And the leeches are really cleansing the body.

What is your impresion?

Compare to other session.

More bad blood out.

See how he is digesting.

In comparison in tiny hungry leeches how thick are those, how fet are they.

I am gonna release them in teams next week after another session.

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